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⚠️Warning: The content on our website does not allow illegal content such as spam, scams, pornography, gambling, and all illegal content that violates the law! This website prohibits the establishment of short links to directly download files! We reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility.
什么样的短链接会被禁?What kind of short links will be banned?

自定义短链接 Custom short links

在此粘贴要缩短的url. Paste the URL to be shortened here:
Advanced function: $$ can be added to the original url to implement dynamic parameter function for short links. Click to watch the instructional video.

可选optional:可留空.Can leave blank

🔗自定义Custom: https:// . /-

⚠️Warning:Short link prohibits the establishment of existing entities or websites names, etc, such as
Even if these short links are established, they will be deleted/disabled/retained/pointed to the original website, etc.

社交短链接 Social short links

🆕最新100条短链接 Latest 100 short links

本站域名 Domain name of this website
域名Domain 到期Expiration 续费renew https 域名转发Domain forwarding 备注Reamark 2025-01-13 × 主力域名.Main domain name. 2024-12-27 × 主力域名.Main domain name. 2025-1-1 ? 临时或测试使用.Temporary or test use 2032-03-31 × 主力域名.Main domain name 永久免费域名.Permanent free domain name.
链接.top 2024-09-22 × 中文域名.Chinese domain name. 2024-01-17 × 临时或测试使用.Temporary or test use.已过期.Expired. 2024-01-6 × 临时或测试使用.Temporary or test use已过期.Expired. 2024-09-19 ? Freenom免费域名,可能随时收回.Freenom's free domain name, May be withdrawn at any time
Note: Temporary domain names will no longer be renewed. If you find them useful and would like to pay for temporary domain name renewal, please contact us by email.

开发进度 Development progress


更新历史 Update history

2024.1.11: Add illegal content warning. Anything illegal or inappropriate will have a bright warning and will not be forwarded, and will not be displayed.

2024.1.6: Add a forwarding (non direct forwarding) page and add a countdown function, a reporting button (not yet implemented), etc. to avoid contamination of our website's content by various illegal or inappropriate short links.

2024.1.1:新增域名域名中1sl意思为1个短链接(sl).pw意为power site,强大站点.
2024.1.1: New domain name 1sl. pw. 1sl means 1 short link (SL). pw means power site, powerful site.

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